Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's not Christmas until...

Back in February when I "announced" my latest "Dad Band" I was very specific about how often a band like ours should gig.
We gig once a year. That's all. This is a common mistake of Dad Bands. Two gigs a year is over-gigging. Let me explain. A Dad Band can fill a coffee house or a bar at their first gig. Wives, friends and other family members will turn out in droves for the novelty factor. Even the kids will show up in a slow-down-for-a-car-wreck kind of way. But don't tempt providence. It takes a full 12 months for the novelty factor to kick in again. I can tell you that from experience.
Apparently it's more of a guideline than a rule. We're testing this on December 21st with our first Holiday show (and a mere six months after our first show) - "It's Christmas with The Buzz Killingtons". And joining us again will be the Egregiously Talented Noah, Kristina, Daley and Claire.

The show will be at BottleTree in Birmingham, the venue of our debut performance and a stage we have no business being on. The place is seriously legit. It's home of the Emmy-winning live episodic music program We Have Signal.

Why do this? Because it's just not Christmas until you spend an evening listening to grown men crank out Rock and Roll Christmas music with varying degrees of competence while drinking a 16 oz can of PBR.

And all door proceeds go to the ongoing effort to rebuild the areas of Alabama affected by the tornados of April 27, 2011.

Tickets are $5. Get them here

If you can't make it consider giving to CSM, an agency doing heroic work in ongoing tornado relief. Click here to donate. Especially consider giving to the "Amazon Wish List" for tornado victims. It's still very, very hard for so many of them.

Check out images from our first gig.

And this video:

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