Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An explanation. Not that you asked for one.

I am nothing if not well behind the curve.

Blogging is, like, so 2003. Mark Zuckerberg was blogging before he shamelessly stole came up with the idea of Facebook. Twitter is killing it. It's seen as (thinly) disguised narcissism. Most people I know who start blogs succumb to inertia and failing motivation. And there is no reason to think I will be the exception to the rule. No reason at all.

So why do this now? One reason I'm sure is precisely because blogging is perceived to be circling the drain. I can't fully explain that but I'm sure if I could it would be embarrassing.  So let's keep moving. Nothing to see here.

And truth be told in the midst of the detritus that is the blog-o-sphere there are some that rise above it. These are ones I still look forward showing up on my RSS feed - well written, funny, encouraging, challenging. Some or even all of those things.  So it can be done. It remains to be seen if I can reach that elusive and rarified nimbus.

And sometimes 140 characters is just not enough.

So, saying "never" once again comes back to bite me in the bum. I said I would never watch the second Twilight movie. I did and well, it pains me to say, I sort of didn't hate it. I have to admit that now since my daughter outed me on Facebook.

So here I am. I can do no other.

Hope you enjoyed this. You may get more. Or not.


  1. So far, so good. Steady as she goes (or doesn't).

  2. mmmmm.... Krystal hamburgers.

  3. Hey! I like this well said. I am looking forward to the next post ... well ... maybe I am looking forward to it ... hopefully ... I like the way you say what you had to say and hope there is more. Write on brother, write on.

  4. Poseurs don't know that they are poseurs. Who told you!?:-)

  5. Its been two days since you posted. I'm losing interest...